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Apex Legends was destined to succeed from the very start but 2 days ago the game just broke a new record on steam alone, it reached the outstanding achievement of 330 k concurrent players on the platform! The responsible for this is the release of the new Apex Legends Season: Legacy. Season 9 brings a lot of new features including the new Arena mode (3vs3) Apex Legends was always a game with a lot of boosting potential but this opens new possibilities! The Hero shooter mechanics remind us of Overwatch but then you have battle royale mechanics like Fortnite or PUBG and ultimates like in League of Legends. Now Respawn and EA want to add a bit of tactical shooter too with the arena mode.. It took 1 full year to develop but Apex Legends new mode is finally out. In this article we will explain it all to you. Despite the server issues at the start of the season it took only 24 hours for Apex Legends to reach this new record. But what does this mode have that others don’t? And are people tired of Battle Royale? We will go through everything in this article.

Apex Legends Season 9 breaks record; 330 on steam alone

One of Respawn directos tweeted the following: “Our current players charts still sort of look like an ongoing cardiac arrest but by God we’re setting records on Apex Legends today”. This caught the gaming world by surprise, Apex Legends had a huge surge in players when the season started. Boosting orders ramped up too. From Apex Legends rank boosting to Apex Legends Win Boosting we had it all. But why? Well it seems like most people were actually tired of Battle Royale which seems odd given the fact Apex Legends is one. But the truth is people might love the unique abilities the game has to offer and you cannot get that in battle royale games like Fortnite, PUBG and COD. But the real battle royale feeling you can get elsewhere, abilities not so much. Respawn seems to capitalize on this, the game was too RNG so a lot of players moved to other games like Valorant or Overwatch. Now Season 9 and Apex Legends Arena seems like a refreshment for the player base.

Apex Legends Arena 3vs3

EA is finally introducing the new three vs three mode! Cutting RNG and creating a stable economy and a round system based mode with well crafted maps. Probably seeing the success Valorant has with a tactical shooter with abilities Respawn does not want to lag behind. The concept starts with a buy phase (Similar to CSGO) where you can pick abilities, weapons, med kits and supplies. With each round you will get the ability to accquire new abilities, stronger weapons and more utility overall. The win-by-two rule taken from tatical shooters is also a great addition. Games can end in three rounds but close matches can go as far as 9 rounds sudden death! Are you hype for this new mode? We surely are.

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