Frequently Asked Questions. Answered.

Frequently Asked Questions. Answered.

If you can’t the answer to your problem below, please contact our support.

What is BoostConnector?
BoostConnector is a platform that serves as an intermediary service between players and boosters. We provide a safe and secure environment where everyone can purchase high end boosting services from boosters located all over the world for their games of choice. All the boosters our platform has to offer are Pro/Semi-Pro players in their respective games.

Are you guys trustable?
We have been a cornerstone of the boosting service for over 3 years and so far, with over tens of thousands order completed. You can check our feedback and reviews section located in the homepage for additional reference. Visit our Discord group for more customer reviews.

On which platforms/regions are your services available?
We offer services on all platforms and regions thanks to our booster lineup composed of highly skilled and professional players from all over the gaming spectrum. We operate globally ( NA / EU / ASIA / OCE ) and on all platforms ( PC / PS4 / X1).

Can i select a specific booster and characters/roles i want him to play? Also, is streaming available?
Yes, yes and yes! We have always aimed to offer the largest variety of customizable options possible for every single particular boost. If you want to choose a specific booster that you have grown to like, you are able and encouraged to do so in the checkout phase of your order! Just leave your request under ‘additional details’ on the checkout page. The extra services are free of charge.

Is my account safe?
Of course it is! We will never do anything to get your account in harm’s way and both the management and the boosters put the largest effort into maintaining security using external spoofers like a VPN in order for the account to never be detected by the game’s managing company.

How much time will it take for my order to get started?
The time for a booster to pick up an order varies depending on how many orders we currently have, although you should expect your order to be picked up in a brisk as that is what happens the large majority of the time. Worry not, all orders are started within 24 hours.

How do I track my order?
In the Members Area you are be able to chat with your assigned booster, follow the progress of your boost, see the remaining time for completion and delivery, check the stream in case of livestream order and much much more. We developed our members area to be the most efficient one out there while remaining user-friendly.

How does boosting work?
After completing the purchasing phase you will gain access to our Members Area, also known as Customer Dashboard in which you will be asked to input your credentials / details. After doing that, a high tier and professional booster will be assigned to your order and the boosting will be commenced! The booster will play either with you or on your account and help you achieve your dream rank.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept a wide variety of payment methods such as Stripe, VISA, MasterCard and soon-to-be Bitcoins, Paysafe Card, and more!

Is my account’s / credit card’s information safe with you?
Of course it is! We use 256-bit SSLl Encrypted Payment to offer maximum security. Furthermore, all payments go through our payment processor Stripe, which is about the most acknowledged payment processor worldwide.

Do you guys offer refunds?
We do offer refunds under our refund policy, for example if an order hasn’t started and you change your mind or if we fail to complete an order. Please check out terms here or contact our support service via chat/email.

If you can’t the answer to your problem below, please contact our support.