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With Valorant battle pass ending on April 27 and a new agent coming out at the end of it Fnatic VALORANT decided it was time to make moves in their roster and most surprisingly sources say Olofmeister is the player of their choice. Such a move would boost Valorant tremendously. It’s safe to say that would be the biggest Valorant transfer from CSGO to VALORANT ever. Olofmeister is a legend in CS and a major winner that can boost Fnatic Valorant roster greatly.

Valorant Coaching done right – Jacob “mini” Harris hard choice

At the start of April Jacob “mini” Harris the Coach of Fnatic VALORANT had a hard choice in hands. Fnatic was not performing well, losing several games to Tier 2 and even a map to a Tier 3 team (Team Queso). The former roster that reached the First Strike final was now in a very bad shape, failing to qualify for the Valorant Champions Tour Masters Stage 1.This result is not admissible for an organization of this size. We are talking perhaps from the number 1 Esports organization in the world.

The decision and it’s direct consequences

The first move was to remove Muhammad “Moe40” Hariff from the team. Valorant rank boost is not everything at professional level, you might be high in the ladder but performing in tournaments is very different and Moe40 was just not delivering it for Fnatic. Valorant MMR boosting and competitive Esports is in a different dimension if you ask me, he still is a great player but can he deal with the pressure of playing for Fnatic? That’s the question. Secondly they decided to bench Kostas “tsack” Theodoropoulos, the greek player was far from the desired form too. After this situation it was obvious for everyone that Fnatic Valorant needed a morale boost and Olofmeister might be just what they needed.

The controversy and origins of the rumor

The rumor started in a Polish esports website called Wezlo and spread quickly, the website also mentions other Polish pros that are available and without a team that will be considered. This is all happening after Fnatic entered the scene just a few months ago. It is a big scandal to bench two players. Judging by their sequence of bad results Olofmeister might be the Valorant booster they need.

The biggest CSGO player to move to VALORANT?

Olofmeister is probably the greatest Counter-Strike player ever. He won the prize of best player in the world given by HLTV back in 2015 and consider that he was playing in Fnatic CSGO then during that time he won two majors. He is also notably inactive pherphaps rank boosting his smurf account in Valorant so the media does not find him. (Well that’s what conspiracy theorists say at least).

Fitinho3 is Valorant Boosting since the start of the game and he had this to say about this move: Olofmeister moving to Valorant is without a doubt the biggest move of 2021 in Esports. This player experience will be vital for the much needed Valorant Coaching Fnatic needs.

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