Apex Legends Rank Boost


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Apex Legends Rank Boost


General information

  • This purchase guarantees your account to get from its current rank to rank 11.000+
  • We start your order within 24 hours after payment
  • Orders are completed within 5 days
  • During the period, you will have access to contact your booster through our dashboard

Information we need from you (enter this under ‘additional information’ on the checkout page)

  • Platform (PC / PS4 / XBOX)
  • Region (Americas / Europe / Asia / Etc.)
  • Account details for sign in
  • If you fail to submit these details… don’t worry! Your assigned booster will contact you via our platform and via email.

Frequently asked questions

Can I pay extra to get my order delivered faster?
We do not offer express orders. All new orders enter our queue system and will be delivered within 5 days.

Can I choose to ‘appear offline?
Yes, you can! If you want to appear offline while being boosted, just leave a note on the checkout page or let your booster know of your request.

For more FAQs, please visit our dedicated FAQ page.

We are proud to be the #1 choice for game boosting among video gamers, worldwide. We have a solid track record and plenty of satisfied users. Getting started is easy.

Additional information

Current rank

0-1000, 1001-2000, 3001-4000, 4001-5000, 5001-6000, 6001-7000, 7001-8000