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Pedro (My booster) done an amazing job from getting me from plat 1 to diamond, He also kept a very good KD. Really professional and quick, I highly recommend Pedro. BoostConnector, this guy deserves a raise!

Ashley B. (UK)Discord group member and Apex Legends gamer

I paid to get my rank from plat 4 to diamond 4 in apex legends a couple days ago and I am greatly impressed. I wasn’t a believer at first but after watching my rank go up piece by piece, i was like “holy ****” it’s real! I loved my booster who was Fergus and I found out he was an apex predator and boy was I impressed! I definitely will come back and get more boosts later.

Thomas Printz (US)Discord group member and Apex Legends gamer

Great service, fast and responsive, really trusting, support is available almost 24/7 and responds quickly.

Marcus Grey (US)Discord group member and Cold War gamer

it is a good boosting website just the prices a bit edgy with how much you need to spend for the rank up but overall i would recommend this to my friends family and the next gen of coming up and brought onto this game! I have tried other cheaper providers and they were NEVER able to deliver.

Sherwin L. (SG)Discord group member and Overwatch gamer

BoostConnector is Game Boosting made Easy. No muss, no fuss.

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We are proud to be the #1 choice for game boosting among video gamers, worldwide. We have a solid track record and plenty of satisfied users. But, if it’s your first time here and you’re still in doubt, why not start with a small package and see how you like us?