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With Stage 1 finishing globally we can have a good look of who are the best contenders from all regions to reach and win the biggest VALORANT event in history.

#1 Vision Strikers – The unbeatable team from South Korea.

This team has not lost a game since it’s foundation. With a current unbeatable run they are the biggest contenders to take the spot in the korean qualifier and reach the first global tournament in VALORANT history. Will NUTURN efforts in Stage 2 be enough to stop and upset the korean champions? I don’t think so.

#2 Sentinels – The best team in North America

Sentinels competitive results were in jeopardy after the loss and suspesion of their biggest star Jay “sinatraa” Won due to sexual abuse allegations. But the North American Champions bounced back and got a confidence boost after the star Tyson “TenZ” Ngo joined the team. Tenz was worth more than 1 million $ before VCT started, his performances have boosted his value insanely since then. This team swept the floor in Masters, beating Faze Clan in an expressive 3-0 in the final. They surely are the favorites to qualify in North America and they might even take the title of best VALORANT team in the world in Reykjavík.

#3 Team Heretics – The best team in Europe?

Don’t get me wrong, I know Ascend beat them in Masters 1 in a fiery BO5 series. But Heretics was going through instability due to their star player NiesOW having family issues and ultimately being forced to stop playing. I believe the First Strike Champions will bounce back. This team if given time will become more solid and has a chance to fight and claim the title in the VCT Stage 2 Masters Reykjavík.

#4 Crazy Raccoon – The new kings of Japan

Absolute Juptier was completely dethroned and outclassed by the Crazy Raccoon in the VCT Japan Masters Finals. This team has grown steadily in the past months and I believe they will be the ones to take the only available qualifying spot in Japan. Absolute Jupiter has dominated the Japanese scene since the start of VALORANT so I still think they have a word to say in this but the Raccoons are just in another level right now.

#5 Gamelanders – The best team in Brazil

Now I know, they were beaten by Vikings in the VCT brazilian Masters Final by a harsh 3-0 but you can’t just erase everything they did in the past. This is the most solid team in Brazil as we speak. This loss will probably make them even stronger and there are 2 qualifying spots in Brazil for the Valorant Champions Tour Masters Reykjavík.

#6 Ascend – The underdogs

Do you believe in fairy tales? Ascend was created not so long ago and they took the European champions title from Heretics in the VALORANT Champions Tour Masters EU final. They had an insane run to achieve this but I believe there was a bit of luck in the mix next time they will have to go through the EMEA qualifier too which will be much harder.

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