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When Does Overwatch Competitive Season 27 End?

There are two important questions most people ask. When does Overwatch competitive season 27 end and when does Overwatch competitive season 28 start. In this article we will go through both. The end of a season always brings a patch, and a patch always boosts the game player base. Overwatch boosting the game to a new level is something we are always expecting but with Overwatch 2 news coming out we have to wonder: What is Blizzard saving from us in terms of changes and content?

How long until Overwatch rank season is over?

Blizzard was never really clear with a date for the end of the Overwatch Competitive seasons in general. The only reliable source is usually the Overwatch Community Manager that shares in the Overwatch forum when the season will end a few days before it does. However we have collected several data that tells us that May is the most likely month. More specifically in 24 days on the 7th of May. We went through all the previous seasons and we drew a pattern. Last year for example season 22 finished on the 7th May. This time around Overwatch Competitive Season 27 did start with a slight delay (March 9) instead of the predicted March 4. We believe this might have been because of the devs finishing the needed patches but in any case, seasons last about two months and that should not change anytime soon. Please do take notice: It is impossible to predict the exact day and time.

Overwatch Archives 2021

What is Overwatch Archives? Overwatch Archives is claimed by most as the best seasonal event in Overwatch. This event is PvE based and shares a lot of similarities with the main game mode of Overwatch 2. 4 players can participate in a lore based adventure and work together against armies of omnics. Players that are inexperienced can go to the easiest levels of difficulty. Overwatch coaching is not needed for this level, but for the hardest difficulties you better have one, they are extremely difficult! The reason why I am mentioning Archives is that if this event is to happen it should be this season or at least that’s the most likely date.

Overwatch Placements

A lot of people asked about Overwatch placements boosting players MMR absurdly. We do not confirm this however it is normal that if a good player has a good performance during Overwatch placements that will affect the placement. A good example is one of our professional Overwatch boosters that had 100% win rate during all his placement matches.

The state of Overwatch, the release of Overwatch 2 and a change in plans?

Let’s be honest no matter how much Overwatch boosts it’s twitch viewers in Overwatch League Season 4 twitch channel, Overwatch is stalled at the moment. The patches are not adding much and Blizzard already said Echo is the last hero to be released in the original game. It almost looks like the dev team left the main game to focus on the sequel. A lot of people in the community do believe that since Overwatch 2 is being delayed this is will create a change in plans from Blizzard. A Change that will bring new content to the original game.

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